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"Emiliano Benevides leads the percussion cause"
- The Beat Magazine Volume 20 No.5


"...Partly because bat also means "to beat," perfect for a band with such a powerful rhythmic foundation. Percussionist-singer Emiliano Benevides provides that pulse..."-

- East Bay Express February 11, 2004

"...Percussionist Emiliano Benevides, four kit drummers, and other skin slappers make this a joyful listening experience..."

- Modern Drummer March 2004 


"...Percussionist Emiliano Benevides, king of the pandeiro and the zabumba, brings an element of theatrics and lighthearted fun..."
- The Beat Magazine Volume 22 No. 5 2003


“Emiliano Benevides is an internationally recognized percussionist... A professional musician and teacher, Benevides recently presented Drumming Out Hunger, a samba bash at Fort Mason to benefit Fome Zero, Brazil's anti-hunger initiative.”
-San Francisco Chronicle – Brazil by the Bay Article - May 1st, 2005


"...Percussionist Emiliano Benevides, four kit drummers, and other skin slappers make this a joyful listening experience..."
- Modern Drummer March 2004 


"...But Benevides is the bat that drops the Brazilian beats, fusing samba pagode with funk and rock, which gives the band its soul..."
- The Latin Beat Magazine October 2003 Volume 13 number 8

"I believe that never in the history of San Francisco a musician was as the Brazilian community...
Long live Emiliano! Long live the Penta! Long live the Brazilian Selection! Long live Brazil!"

- Brazil Today (after the 5th Brazilian World Cup Victory) 2002


Emiliano Benevides...danced with the joyful exuberance and abandon that the crowd had come to see"

- San Francisco Bay View May 29th, 2002


"(Emiliano) Benevides is a captivating and charismatic force. One of the busiest musicians in the city"

- San Francisco Bay Guardian 2002




"...Emiliano Benevides is an excellent percussionist and on top of that, a great teacher!!! Often traditional teachers are not the easiest to learn from but he understands our minds, breaks it down very nicely, and is very sweet and patient."
- Layne Redmond

(Author, recording artist, and Frame Drummer Legend)


"Emiliano Benevides brings the excitement of his native Brazil into the classroom setting and immediately grabs the children’s attention with his enthusiasm and his wit. His mastery of a multitude of percussion instruments and his extraordinary showmanship provide all participants – young and old alike – the opportunity to sing, dance, and play with ease and utter joy. Emiliano is a remarkable performer and a true inspiration, and it is a pleasure to work with someone who truly lives and breathes his art.”
-Rebeca Mauleón, musician/author/educator

"Emiliano was well prepared and organized a beautiful packet for the students before his presentation. We enjoyed having him and thank him for sharing his knowledge with us. We hope to invite Mr. Benevides again for another presentation in the future."
-Dee Dee Julian, Director, Casa de Niños


“Emiliano is awesome! He communicates with the kids at their level. He is funny, engaging, and talented. He had the kids eating out of his hand. Also, the musical instruments he brought were great.”

- Teacher, Daniel Webster Elementary School


"Wow! We have been hearing non-stop about the "best music teacher ever" all day today!!! Henry absolutely LOVED music today. He said the teacher was so fun. He danced with them, made great musical noises with his mouth, etc... "
-Parent of a student of Emiliano.

"..., the children and I were totally engaged... a great opportunity to learn about Brazil, music, one's life path... looking forward to the next special guest!
-Teacher from Kentfield School District, CA


"Loved Emiliano and wish he could come back again!! He had fabulous energy and did an amazing job of sharing his Brazilian spirit with the class."
-Sarah- Teacher at Petaluma School, CA.


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